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    Just Another Day at Discovery 

    Day 1 as a Discovery INtern with Dean’s Intern Carson Creehan

    Day 1 as a Discovery INtern with Dean’s Intern Carson Creehan

    By Dean’s Intern Alexia Nal at Discovery Communications

    I’m already half way through my internship and I can hardly believe it. These past few weeks have flown by way too fast.

    As I reflect on my time here, I cannot help but think about the great lessons I have learned from my internship at TLC. One of the biggest lessons I have learned at Discovery is there is no such thing as an average day in the office, especially in the TLC publicity department. Everyday that I show up for my internship, I am never sure of what I should expect. My tasks vary from pulling clips from airing television shows to compiling press hits, to many other tasks. I love being able to watch my beginner skills I was developing in the classrooms of AU, blossom into stronger professional skills throughout my internship.

    The two shows I have been given the opportunity to put my hands on are My Big Fat Fabulous Life and Counting On. Because it’s television and people are so attracted to the curiosity TLC stimulates, everything is extremely fast paced. It is important for me as an intern to stay organized, on task and focused. Often times my manager will throw tasks at me, but then the VP of Publicity of TLC will contact me and request me to assist her with creating a press release for bringing back my childhood favorite television show Trading Spaces. It has been the internship of a lifetime being able to work for a well-respected brand and enhance my PR skills. I am excited to see where my experience at TLC takes me!

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    Moving Fast at the Newseum 

    TrentBurnsPhotoBy Dean’s Intern Trent Burns at the Newseum

    I had plenty of expectations going into my internship at the Newseum, but organization-wide layoffs weren’t among them. Roughly three weeks into my time here, an unexpected round of staff cuts left the Video & Interactive Productions department scrambling to reorganize itself. As an intern, this meant more work and greater responsibility would be falling on my shoulders for the rest of this semester – a challenge which I happily, if nervously, accepted.

    Museums, it turns out, can be surprisingly fast-paced environments. Between internal content for exhibits and materials for external promotion, it feels like every week of this experience has added new projects to our already busy schedule. Along with fellow Dean’s Intern Madison Long, I’m responsible for producing recurring content like our bi-weekly “Lighter Side of News” segment or the museum’s monthly “Virtual Reality Highlights” experience. In addition, we are often asked to contribute to projects like “Experts On-Air Highlights”  or “Newseum Nights: In Bloom”, which are used to promote the museum and its events online. Working on a number of diverse projects keeps us busy and, more importantly, is teaching me to keep my editing flexible and my workflow concise.

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    An Inside Look at the Smithsonian 

    IMG_5499_editedBy Dean’s Intern Agnes Erskine at the Smithsonian

    Built in 1849, the Smithsonian Castle is charming and bustling with character; it’s also where I spend my time editing videos for the Smithsonian Insider. Steps away from the National Mall and nearly all the Smithsonian’s museums and attractions, it’s the perfect location for becoming completely immersed in all that the Smithsonian Institution has to offer. My first project was an in-depth look inside the visually stunning Horace Poolaw exhibit in the National Museum of the American Indian. Today, we’re at the Smithsonian’s latest addition to its family of museums. Visiting hours are 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., but it’s 9:00 a.m. on a Wednesday and the National Museum of African American History and Culture is already buzzing with the sounds of people milling about. Guest Services staff members preparing for their day’s duties gather for a pre-shift meeting on my left; to my right the museum’s Founding Director, Lonnie Bunch hosts two guests on a personal tour, and directly in front of me is my camera capturing Museum Specialist, Tulani Salahu-Din. She is introducing Smithsonian Insider viewers to the “Making A Way” exhibit on the third floor of the museum.

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    The Daily Grind 

    DanielBarnesBlogPhotoBy Dean’s Intern Daniel Barnes at NBC4

    Keeping up with the daily news of D.C. can be daunting for a television station, even more so for its website.

    As an intern for NBC Washington’s digital team, I’m responsible for helping with all sorts of content that appears on our website and app. Sometimes I’m writing stories for the website based off TV stories that have already been done and sometimes I’m writing digital only stories. Sometimes I’m pitching stories I want to write and sometimes I’m getting assignments. Sometimes I’m cutting videos from the broadcasts and posting them on our website and sometimes I’m posting AP stories that I find on the wire. Whatever I’m doing on any given day, I know it will be challenging work that makes me utilize every skill I’ve learned in school. (More …)

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    Learning the Ins and Outs of Digital Distribution 


    It took a lot not to adopt this puppy!

    By Dean’s Intern Sarah Liebman at Discovery Communications

    Working in the Digital Distributions & Partnerships department has been an incredibly exciting experience.  I have always been interested in understanding how media companies succeed in getting eyes on their content, both through linear and digital modes of distribution. Working in this department has shed so much light on the topic. My biggest take-away has been: digital distribution is a vital element to the success of content creators and it is crucial to stay ahead of the trends. While there is still so much value in linear television, the trends indicate that the digital distribution market is the direction many demographics are heading.

    Working in the Digital Distributions department has also motivated me to not only keep up with the trends in cord-cutters, cord-shavers, and cord-nevers, but also develop my own opinions, observations, and strategies for a media company in this environment. This experience has greatly increased my breadth of knowledge I have in this field allowing me to think critically as a member of the media industry.
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    Creating Interactive Graphics at USA Today 

    sara-wise-usat By Dean’s Intern Sara Wise at USA Today

    As part of the graphics team at USA Today, I’ve been learning those programming skills that I know will be useful far beyond my career. I’ve helped to consistently update an interactive piece tracking the president’s cabinet as confirmations are made. I’ve contributed my own input to graphics used in national news stories. I provide copy for some of the “snapshots” printed daily and seen in social media posts.

    So far, it seems, my crowning moment has been making a gif. So don’t let anyone tell you that’s not a resume-building skill! The graphic was used in three different stories pertaining to President Trump’s immigration regulations. I was able to contribute something that, I felt, really enhanced the design of a graphic that was then used on at least three different stories across the site.

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    Staying Steadfast in Critical Times 

    McLarenBLogPhotoby Dean’s Intern Amanda McLaren at The Washington Post

    My semester as Dean’s Intern for The Washington Post’s Metro desk kicked off on January 20, 2017 — the day of President Trump’s inauguration — and things haven’t slowed down since.  Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with seasoned reporters, editors and photojournalists while covering a variety of news events.

    • There was the unseasonably warm day in January, shortly after Trump took office, when I was tasked with covering the Greenpeace crane protest.  Though most of the day was spent watching and waiting, I got to do so alongside professional reporters (including one I knew from when I interned at WJLA back in the day!).
    • Then there was the day I got swept up in the “pandamonium” over Bao Bao’s departure, reporting from Dulles as she took off to China on the FedEx “Panda Express.”

    (More …)

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    Two Dreams Merge Into One at the Newseum 

    By DEmilyMartinPhotoean’s Intern Emily Martin at the Newseum

    One of my dream jobs has always been to work at a museum. As a child, I would marvel at the exhibits in museums and dream to one day be the person behind the scenes, dusting the artifacts, writing the captions and collecting rare pieces of history.

    As I grew up, I began to dream of becoming a journalist dedicated to reporting the truth. As an exhibit development intern at the Newseum, a museum whose mission is “to promote, explain and defend free expression and the five freedoms of the First Amendment: religion, speech, press, assembly and petition,” my two dreams have come true in one place.

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    Reporting on a Wide Range of Topics at Current 

    By DeanDeannaPhoto‘s Intern Deanna Mudry at Current

    It’s an exciting time to be a journalist — especially one working in public media. Although Current is a trade publication, it’s far from technical. I’ve had the chance to cover very newsy topics like the first national database to track hate crimes since the post-election spike and a Vermont Public Radio trip to Jordan that was complicated by the executive travel ban. I’ve also gotten to talk to filmmakers, podcasters and station managers, so there’s a nice mix of hard news and feature stories to work on. Another good thing about my internship is that I’m often given several stories to work on at a time, so I can always switch things up and stay busy. From a small office in Takoma Park, Md., I’m able to cover stories happening in places like Arizona, Illinois and even my hometown. Coordinating interviews across time zones can be a challenge, but are well worth it to gain experience reporting on such a wide range of topics that are all connected by public media.

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    Storytelling for the People 

    NesimaPhotoBy Dean’s Intern Nesima Aberra at Vox

    Interning at Vox has restored so much of my hope and faith for the media industry in pursuing stories that matter to people and helping us understand ourselves and the world better. As a Vox intern in the First Person section, I work on finding interesting perspectives to turn into narrative essays as well as interview people for our Conversations page. I had been following the Facebook activity about the Women’s March on Washington from when it was first proposed as an idea. I was curious to see if people would really show up and whether this movement was a significant part of progressive resistance. I asked my editor if anyone would be writing about the Women’s March in our section and when she said that there was a freelancer working on a feature piece, I then asked if I could contribute to that since I’d be attending anyways. Fortunately, she said yes!

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