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    Innovation Opportunities at CQ Roll Call 

    By Dean’s Intern Emily Simonsen at CQ Roll Call

    After my successful tenure with CQ last semester, I returned, reprising my role as a Product Innovation Intern. The position requires a keen ability to discern trends, compile information, create market analysis reports and pitch innovative ideas to Eric Hammesfahr, VP of Professional Services at CQ Roll Call.   Additionally, I create and design event programs and collaborate with other departments to foster new ideas.

    This semester my responsibilities have expanded. I lead an intern team and delegate project tasks. I’ve also taken the initiative to provide clear concise feedback and encourage leadership development. The intern team has researched and organized customer opportunities, drafted deliverables for outreach and assisted with event management through ad-hoc initiatives.

    However, my favorite part of the CQ internship is the mentorship. As a senior, I’ve met accomplished individuals from different backgrounds. Each person I’ve talked with offers strategic input that guide my professional growth.

    As CQ and the Dean’s Internship Program continue their partnership into the future, I have no doubts that students will continue to learn and grow through the experience.

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    The Real Deal at The Durango Herald 

    By Dean’s Intern Andrew Eversden at The Durango Herald

    AndrewEversenwithSenCoryGardnerMy very first day covering the Colorado Congressional delegation for The Durango Herald was the day of President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address. I faced an 11 p.m. deadline for the print edition  and my editors had asked for 400 words on the infrastructure portion of the speech. The president then proceeded to give the third-longest State of the Union speech in 50 years, sending me scrambling to meet my deadline. Fortunately, I had prepared a diligent pre-write and I filed my story minutes before my deadline, right as Congressman Scott Tipton called me 30 minutes early for a scheduled interview.

    In my three weeks with The Durango Herald, I have already covered a State of the Union, the immigration debate and health care policy affecting hospitals in rural Colorado. Since I am the only reporter from the paper in Washington, and only one of just two reporters from a Colorado-based newspaper, I have great access to the senators and Rep. Tipton. I also have a lot of freedom in deciding what to cover, which comes with high responsibility since I cover a local area and have to monitor issues out there.

    The opportunity to meet with congressional staffers and professional reporters has also been a beneficial networking experience. Other reporters have taught me a lot about the reporting process and I have learned a lot about the dynamics of the relationship between the press and political staffs. The truth is that this internship is the real deal, reporting about the issues on Capitol Hill during the tumultuous Trump presidency.

    Here’s a link to my latest article.

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    The Exciting World of Health Care at Weber Shandwick 

    By Dean’s Intern Claire Holmberg at Weber Shandwick

    When I learned that I had been placed on the health care team at Weber Shandwick I was excited, but also knew there would be a learning curve. In the past four weeks, I have learned more about the health care industry than I could have imagined! The largest account that I work on is an association of pharmaceutical companies, an organization that has an strong impact on much of health care policy in the United States.

    So far, I’ve had many exciting experiences working on this account, but there is one that caught me off guard and helped me gain more exposure among my coworkers. Throughout the second week of my internship, a coworker revealed to me that I would be presenting media clips at the bi-weekly health care team meeting (a team of over 20 people!). Although I was nervous to present in front of so many people, I found that the experience was an excellent way to introduce myself to everyone on the team, and gain some confidence in presenting at team meetings. (More …)

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    Once in a Lifetime Experiences at IMG 

    By Dean’s Intern Jamie Young at Interface Media Group

    My time at Interface Media Group has been great so far! I have been shadowing employees in different departments, learning about all of the different aspects of media production and post-production. So far, I have shadowed the graphics department, the audio department, and the Assistant Editors. I have helped with two video shoots, both of which were very exciting! One of the shoots was with one of the producers of an upcoming big-budget feature film and the other was with a US Senator! My internship has started off really well and I have already had once-in-a-lifetime experiences at IMG within only five days of experience there!

    I enjoy hearing about the employee’s stories and watching the company’s amazing videos that include graphics, animation, intricate sound design, and creative editing. It’s very inspiring to see such a wide variety of projects such as PBS Kids promotional videos, National Geographic shows, virtual reality museum exhibits, and political spots. It has been a pleasure to watch creative people in their element, working passionately on their projects.

    I also love the company environment. Because it is a small company, it is like a family. I feel so comfortable asking questions and talking to everyone in each department. Everyone is very willing to teach me whatever I want to know, which is really exciting! I am trying to soak up as much as I can and I can’t wait for the next few months at this awesome company!

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    #Working4You at NBC Washington 

    By Dean’s Intern Emma Galasso at NBC4 Washington

    Every day when I come into the office, there’s something different. I remember my first day of work where I attended the daily 9AM news meeting. I then sat in the control room for the 4PM broadcast and recall being so amazed by how fast the reporters turned packages around. Interning at this point in the semester is especially exciting because of the buzz around Super Bowl LII and the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. NBC4’s own Eun Yang is in South Korea for the duration of the Olympics and will be reporting for us at the games.

    Being a part of the Consumer Team with Susan Hogan and our two content producers, Patti and Meredith, has been such a blast. I’m responsible for following up on NBC4 Responds complaints from consumers and researching potential stories. Just last week, the Responds unit surpassed $20 million returned to consumers! My first story that I focused on was about using activated charcoal to whiten teeth, which premiered right after the Super Bowl! (More …)

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    By Dean’s Intern Shira Stein at The Washington… 

    By Dean’s Intern Shira Stein at The Washington Post

    As a young journalist, I dreamed of the day I would walk into the newsroom of The Washington Post. I religiously read their stories, and when I decided to come to Washington for college, I imagined meeting some of their journalists. I never expected that I would become one before I even turned 21.

    Over the last semester, I’ve gotten to work with the best journalists in the business. In my section alone is the longest-serving reporter in the newsroom, a staff of top-notch editors and a group of amazing journalists. I’ve covered another racist incident on our campus, the Virginia gubernatorial election, a story about STEM education in Washington-area schools and much more. I even got to meet and interview Mary Beth Tinker!

    When you get your dream internship, you think that it can’t possibly be as good as it is in your head, and it isn’t. It’s hard work. It’s staying until 7:30 p.m. because you need to finish edits for your story that will be on the front page of the Metro section the next day. It’s standing outside in freezing weather at 6:30 a.m. to get quotes that you aren’t sure will make it into the story. But it’s also going to an art show of work made by other Post employees and getting coffee with journalists whose stories you religiously read.

    I’m so thrilled to have gotten to spend the last three months at one of the best newspapers in the country. Next semester, I can’t wait to do it all again.

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    Making History at the Newseum 

    By Dean’s Intern Katie O’Gorman at the Newseum

    It has been such an incredible experience to work at the Newseum, a museum dedicated to the first amendment and the practice of journalism, during this historical moment in our country’s lifetime where our right to free speech and the legitimacy of the media is constantly being questioned.

    One of my main tasks as the production assistant intern is editing the biweekly Lighter Side of News exhibit video that displays in the Internet, TV, and Radio Gallery. Every other week, I sit in my editing suite and watch the most recent late night talk show hosts’ commentary on world events, pop culture, and most importantly the US government. My task is to pick the funniest jokes on the most recent political and national events and create a cohesive 7-8 minute video beginning with the lightest jokes and ending with the political jabs that get the biggest laughs. The most difficult part is keeping the video up to date on the latest news because, with the current state of our government, something new makes history every week. Sometimes I will take a break from work and go sit in the theater where my video is played and laugh along with the visitors. It’s a really awesome feeling to see people appreciate your work!

    Another major project that I have been able to be a part of during my semester here has been the final video installment for the Civil Rights at 50 exhibit 1968: Civil Rights at 50. The production team started work on the 1968 video early this September and will complete it in December. The exhibit will open to the public next January, 50 years after the struggle for racial justice in 1968. I have been able to witness the process of creating an exhibit film first-hand from start to finish. I helped with the pre-production stage doing background research and location scouting for interviews, assisted with interview shoots for the production stage, and will shadow the editors during the post-production stage.

    Working on a civil rights video while the country is going though a similar situation right now has not only been very educational but also very empowering. We have been able to interview major voices of the current civil rights movement such as Michael Bennett, a player on the Seattle Seahawks who has been a major participant in the racially inspired protests of the NFL. I am also studying race relations and the history of racism in a course here at AU this semester, so it has been very rewarding to work on a project that connects the skills I am learning in my film and media arts major with my studies in my anthropology minor.

    I have always wanted to make history, and with my work editing the lighter side of current event news stories and connecting the past civil rights movement with the present in the 1968 exhibit film, my internship at the Newseum has let me live out that dream.

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    Learning the Ins and Outs at Interface Media Group 

    By Dean’s Intern Olivia Glod at Interface Media Group

    My first few weeks at Interface Media Group allowed me to dive into a whole new set of skills and experiences.

    To start the internship, I was able to meet everyone within the office by shadowing them in all of their different departments. Starting with animation, I was able to create the building blocks of a short project featuring motion graphics by creating the design on Adobe After Effects. Moving forward, I was able to sit in on a few editing sessions to watch promotions be built on Final Cut Pro for feature PBS programs. The next step was to see how crucial audio is for every project and listen to all of the different elements. Some projects held up to thirty layers for a single thirty second clip.

    After spending time with the creative side of IMG, I was able to see how the organization runs its operations. What makes IMG such a special production company is their ability to be completely hands on or hands off according to their clients requests. I was able to see this throughout my time in sales and production meetings where project managers and producers were able to discuss which departments needed to be on board with certain projects. The entire goal for each project is to keep the client happy, which is exceptionally done with experts in each department.

    Moving forward, I’ll be able to assist on shoots within the studios and centralize my focus in one of the departments. The learning process has only just begun.

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    Putting My Classroom Skills to Work at VOA 

    By Dean’s Intern Emma Sarrantonio at Voice of America

    There are so many great aspects to working at Voice of America that it’s hard to talk about a single experience. But if I had to pick one that really makes me glad to come in to work everyday, it’s getting to meet so many different people with their own unique craft. The majority of VOA’s workers are freelance artists which gives me the opportunity to meet and learn about each individual’s unique way of solving the same problem. Besides the freelancers I’ve also gotten to meet and become great friends with, I’ve met other workers in the many different departments here at VOA like the African News Division, Motion Graphics team and audio tech department.

    Even though I spend most of my days either running around the building or fretting over the small details of this project. I enjoy it so much more than being in a classroom. It’s hard to describe the exultation you feel when you do a good job on an assignment but it’s without a doubt different than wrapping up class projects. What I’m most proud of so far about working for VOA is that I was able to see the skills I gain from school actually matter in the workforce. I’m constantly helping out with technical difficulties within Premiere and I even got to do some of the motion graphic in our documentary. It is an amazing feeling, knowing that my motion graphics skills and name will be featured at film festivals all over the world.

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    Learning and Laughing at NBC4 

    By Dean’s Intern Ambar Pardilla at NBC4

    From a cake countdown clock (a whiteboard that hangs on the wall near our desks, complete with the number of days since we’ve had cake and illustrations of candles and confetti) to eating pizza after participating in a promotional shoot for the station to scheduling the day’s stories at morning meetings, I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who love what they do and are eager to educate me throughout my internship at NBC4. Although the news can sometimes be distressing or disheartening, my co-workers always find ways to stay sane and make me laugh.

    Sitting at different desks on the two days a week that I’m at my internship has allowed me to get to know my co-workers, with all of them giving me advice for reporting and researching that I’ll take with me beyond NBC4. Sometimes they’ll assign stories for me to write from a reporter’s segment on the 4, 5 or 6 p.m. shows or press releases. I’ve mastered how to cut and caption videos for NBC4’s website, which highlight some of special segments from the station’s shows. I write a story almost everyday that I’m at the internship and editing those stories with the other members of the digital team has been really practical and productive for my own reporting. I’ve written about how D.C. residents have struggled to reach relatives in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Hillary Clinton’s national book tour starting in D.C. and added to another story about adult things to do in D.C. for Halloween—listing more events and editing the article to include 31 things to do, for the 31 days of October (to make it extra “spooky” I told one of my co-workers).

    After talking to one of my supervisors, I’m hoping to expand on some of the stories I’ve worked on in my communication classes and publish them on NBC4’s website, connecting what I’ve learned in class to what I’m doing at my internship. Even though I’m only at NBC4 twice a week, I’ve learned (and laughed!) so much and can’t wait to discover and challenge myself more.

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