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    A Place Full of Opportunity 

    By Dean’s Intern Casey Wexler at NBC News

    CaseyPixA day at NBC News channel is fast-paced, unpredictable and incredibly rewarding. News Channel is responsible for creating content for NBC local affiliates across the country. The small team of producers, editors and correspondents work hand-in-hand to create pieces at a breakneck pace. Sometimes releasing or updating packages every hour to make sure all local stations are up to date on the latest bit of breaking news. As an intern, I have been responsible for logging sound bites and gathering elements for these pieces. But sometimes, when the pace of news slows a bit, I get the opportunity to create something myself. I’ve been able to write and shoot multiple stand ups in front of NBC cameras for my personal reel. But the most exciting opportunity for me is when I actually get to produce content for News Channel’s hundreds of clients.

    I have produced two VO/SOTs or voice over/sound on tape pieces for NBC News Channel so far. These are short scripts for the anchor to read while b-roll footage plays (the VO) paired with clips from a major event or interview to show the audience a bit of what the anchor is talking about (the SOT). I start by pulling newsworthy sound bites out of Senate hearings. I write a script to lead into those bites before asking an editor to help me put it all together. The final product goes out to clients with my name on it as a producer.

    Its an amazing feeling to know that things that I helped create and have my name on it may be viewed by thousands of people. News Channel has given me the opportunity to begin to live my dream of being a broadcast news producer and I could not be more grateful.

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    A front row seat to history at Face The Nation 

    By Dean’s Intern Mariah Espada at CBS Face the Nation

    Mariah EspadaInterning for one of the largest Sunday public affairs programs has been nothing short of extraordinary. In just a few short weeks I have been able to make CBS’s Face The Nation a true hub of growing, networking, and learning.

    One of the many things I have valued from my experience thus far is the fact that my work has had a direct impact on a show that’s being watched by millions. Every week I produce extensive research on our show’s guests, providing clearly organized information for the show’s producers and our now-anchor John Dickerson to utilize.

    From my research, the team is able to generate well-thought out,  contextual questions for the hour long show. The feeling of seeing the show air questions being generated from my research is a thrilling feeling! From graphics to socials to research, I have learned that there are several moving parts that make a show of this caliber possible!

    Political shape shifters and Washington journalists that I have observed for years from a far are now individuals I am able to encounter at CBS. With recent guests ranging from U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley to South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham to The Atlantic editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, it’s safe to say I have a front row seat to history in the District.

    I am grateful to the Dean’s Internship Program for this unique opportunity and am looking forward to continuing my professional development journey during the rest of my time at Face The Nation!

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    So Many Engaging Aspects in Public Affairs 

    By Dean’s Intern Rushad Thomas at Weber Shandwick

    Rushad ThomasWeber Shandwick is a fantastic place to work. Not only do they have free cereal, a gym in the basement, and popsicles in the fridge, but also they don’t consign their interns purely to grunt work. At Weber I have had the opportunity to put so many of the things I’m learning at AU into action in a professional environment.

    One thing that sticks out for me is a press note I wrote a few weeks ago. An unscrupulous scammer used the name of one of Weber’s clients to dupe Louisiana consumers into sharing private information and paying fraudulent fees. The press note was part of a release we penned to share with Louisiana media outlets so that they could warn people about the scam. It was pretty remarkable seeing something I contributed to ending up on the websites of Louisiana media outlets.

    I’ve also been heavily involved with planning for National U.S. Aircraft Carrier Month. Aircraft Carrier Month honors the contributions of naval aircraft carriers to our national security. I composed a pitch letter to naval museums throughout the country that has resulted in a number of exciting partnerships for the Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition, the Weber client that sponsors Aircraft Carrier Month.

    That’s just a small sample of the vast array of public affairs work Weber does. One of the most engaging aspects of working for Weber is the diversity of its clientele and capabilities. The firm has in-house creative, digital, social impact, health care, research, and strategic planning teams. Everyone works across teams to provide superior service to clients.

    And there’s no shortage of ways for ambitious interns to plug right in!

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    Learning about radio at NPR 

    By Dean’s Intern Courtney Rozen at NPR

    CournteyatNPRIt’s been a great first month as an intern on NPR’s education desk!

    A highlight has been learning how to use NPR’s audio editing software and recording booths. Most of my journalism experience has been web-focused until now (outside of an audio production class I took in undergrad). It’s been great to learn about audio at a company that is a radio powerhouse. I’m looking forward to intern audio bootcamp in November, where I’ll spend a few days learning about recording and editing radio stories with NPR’s staff.

    I’m also working on a long-term project with the desk’s full-time intern on career and technical education. I’m learning how to track bills in state legislatures and create a database of stats about the topic. We hope to turn this research into a few web stories for NPR.org by the end of the semester. This has been a great opportunity to learn new reporting skills.

    The group of interns is also great. They are mostly graduates from schools across the country. It’s been a great getting to know them. I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester and am grateful to SOC for connecting me with NPR.

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    Trains, Games and the News 

    By Dean’s Intern Jacob Wallace at Summer By Rail

    JacobWallaceTrainDuring my Summer By Rail internship with the Rail Passengers Association, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel the country by train, writing about transportation and infrastructure. Along the way, I also attended baseball games to demonstrate the places you could reach by train. Over the course of my trip, I spoke to 40 different public officials in 22 different cities, and was featured in over three dozen news outlets. Perhaps no period better exemplified this trip then the journey between my last two cities, Seattle and Vancouver.

    On my trip, my time was equally divided between conducting research, being interviewed by local media, travelling and attending baseball games. To do all of this, in the span of 36 hours I took the Cascades train from Seattle to Vancouver, slept in my airbnb, woke up and spent the morning publishing backlogged blog posts, took photos of new Transit-Oriented Developments in Vancouver in the afternoon, attended a minor-league baseball game in the evening and then woke up at 4 am the next morning to be back in Seattle in time for the weekend morning show, where I did an on-air interview recapping my trip.

    JWPix2I learned a lot about reporting, especially when it came to setting realistic goals for my level of output over the course of a marathon trip and learning to synthesize interviews I’ve taken on the fly into a coherent blog post. Through the Summer by Rail program, I got to visit so many different parts of the country and talk to people about how it is that they get from place to place. I’m immensely grateful for the opportunities this Dean’s Internship provided me.

    NoMa blog post: http://summerbyrail.com/in-5-years-you-might-not-even-recognize-this-dc-neighborhood/

    Seattle media appearance: https://www.king5.com/video/news/student-visits-19-ballparks-across-america/281-8176345

    Baseball recap: http://summerbyrail.com/game-19-kansas-city-royals-vs-seattle-mariners/


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    Diving Deep into Public Media 

    By Dean’s Intern Andrew Eversden at Current

    Andrew Eversden Throughout the summer, I have been writing an enterprise story on public radio in Virginia. When I first embarked on the story, I didn’t realize it would lead me down a rabbit hole of Virginia budgets and deep into my editor’s archived notes from state funding controversies in the early 2000s. It turned into an incredible experience handling and organizing bundles of documents at once, and then using them as a foundation for a story. The experience of writing for a niche publication covering a topic I knew very little about has transformed me into a more resourceful and more diligent reporter.

    My summer working for Current has been an incredible opportunity to explore the world of public media – a world much more complex than I would’ve ever imagined when I grew up listening to my local NPR station in Phoenix. The most challenging of reporting for a trade publication has been the amount of background research necessary to figure out how the industry operates. Fortunately, the editors are very helpful in explaining the intricacies of oversight and funding in public media, and on many occasions directed me toward helpful sources.

    During my internship with Current, I dove into IRS tax forms and audit reports of various public radio stations, and in the process learned how these documents could be the beginning of a story. More than anything, I learned how passionate the #PubMedia world is about the service it provides diverse audiences and communities across the country.

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    Understanding the Power of Reporting at NBC4 

    By Dean’s Intern Taameen Mohammad at NBC4

    Taameen Stanley CupI’m nearing the end of my digital internship at NBC4 and I’m really satisfied with what I’m learning here. I’ve had my first story go viral, gotten a photo with the Stanley Cup, took photos at Capital Pride but what has stuck with me the most is when we started reporting on the Capital Gazette shooting in Annapolis, Maryland.

    In the middle of a “normal” news cycle that Thursday afternoon, I heard the assignment manager talking about a tweet from an intern at Capital Gazette requesting help on Twitter. People crowded around the news desk and it was quickly evident we had to drop everything and start reporting. I was cutting stills from the chopper camera to upload on the website while my inbox was flooded with every news alert as the situation developed. Despite the haunting footage of people evacuating and the worrying possibility of casualties, the need to report the story to the public was stronger than the face of violence.

    I can only imagine what it’s like to lose a fellow local journalist, but I know now that I am even more prepared to carry on the legacy of news reporting that the five brave Capital Gazette reports left behind.

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    Making an Impact at NBC4 

    By Dean’s Intern Cordilia James at NBC4

    Cordilia JamesBeing a digital intern at NBC Washington has been such a phenomenal experience. Working in a converged newsroom has given me the opportunity to shadow news anchors, investigative journalists, reporters and more in addition to working alongside incredible editors on the digital team every day.

    My favorite part of my internship so far is pitching stories to my editors and seeing the impact it has on the community. Recently, I pitched a story about the DC Council, which was considering a bill that would limit street performers from using amplifiers at the time. After watching the bill’s hearing and carefully reviewing legal documents with my supervisor, I wrote a story that was the first in the area to report on the issue. My story ended up reaching over 88,500 people online and was one of the top 5 stories posted to Facebook in the D.C. market that day. One of the on-air reporters even made a package based on my story that aired the following Monday. Seeing how much my work impacts people across platforms via NBC Washington is such a rewarding experience that encourages me to tell more stories that amplify voices that aren’t being heard.

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    Covering the Colorado Wildfires at Durango Herald 

    By Dean’s Intern Maria Carrasco at The Durango Herald

    Maria CarrascoThe past month working at the Durango Herald has been a learning and growing experience as a reporter. At the beginning of June, I was flown out to Durango, Colorado to meet the Herald team and see the city.

    And during my visit, a wildfire broke out in Durango and I was put to work for the paper. In the Herald office I dry called local residents and talked to them about their experience with the fire as they were evacuating. Some said they were panicked and others were prepared. The next day, my story ran on the front page of the paper. Talking to the victims of a wildfire in real-time was intense and so important to cover.

    When I came home from Durango I was even more determined to do great work for the Herald. Some of my work consisted of covering an environmental group from Colorado on their lobbying day on the Hill. Other work I did was covering the 2018 Farm Bill in the House and Senate. Right now, I’m working on a more in-depth story on immigration in southwest Colorado. While my time with Durango is half way done, I can’t wait to see what more I can cover during my time.

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    On Top of My Game at NBC Sports 

    By Dean’s Intern Scout Pruski at NBC Sports

    Scout PruskiOn my fourth day at NBC Sports Washington this summer, I helped cover the Capitals’ first ever Stanley Cup victory parade. My supervisor, who knows I’m a huge Caps fan, told me I’d be credentialed for the event. After staying in the office until almost two in the morning the previous Thursday to do post-win coverage, I spent four hours in the sun getting familiar with hundreds of thousands of fans, a handful of pro hockey players, and one very shiny trophy. I had the immense privilege to work alongside some fantastic photographers from our outlet changing lenses, grabbing batteries, and running up and down Constitution Avenue.

    I continue to be blown away by the passion and willingness to help that my coworkers have extended me, the respect for my identity, and the flexibility I’ve been given to cover events close to me like Pride through a sports-fan lens. I know it’s cool to humble brag about this internship, but I really can’t wrap my head around how surreal these first few weeks have been, and how grateful I am that the Dean’s Internship program took a chance on me despite my youth. Here’s to wherever else my summer takes me!

    You can see most of my work here.


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