Life Lessons: Internship Edition

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Below is a first person account from Dean’s Intern Eva Glas on her internship at LivingSocial.

When I first walked into the renowned LivingSocial headquarters located a mere stone’s throw away from the White House, I immediately saw the company’s five mottos sprawled across one of the brightly colored walls; Live Hungry, Surprise & Delight,  Recognize Others, Make Strong Moves and Champion Good Ideas. These five beliefs pulse in every department of this unique and constantly evolving company. They are also extremely important life lessons for a young and eager intern like myself. Always push yourself, think outside the box, be a team player, have confidence in yourself and let your work be as bold and innovative as can be. These are all company visions that I have seen in action every single day since I started working here in May.

Being part of the Public Relations team has been a whirlwind of an experience. I always walk into the office not knowing what my day will look like. An interview with a reporter? Brainstorm meeting about an upcoming event? Writing pitches for a new company launch? The pace at LivingSocial is incredibly fast and exhilarating. I have done more in the past several weeks than I had expected to do in my entire three months here. This is mostly due to the fact that LivingSocial has truly made me feel like an essential contributor to the team. By getting the opportunity to single-handedly compile contact lists, write media pitches and have business calls with clients, I am able to get invaluable first hand PR experience.

When it was decided to create a new company blog, I was given the task of developing said blog. Now I have to admit, my technology skills are subpar but I eagerly threw myself into this project. After some hair pulling moments and many hours on HTML help forums, I was able to construct a blog platform with all of the features on our wishlist. I had surprised and delighted myself, made strong moves, championed a good idea, was recognized by others and was therefore more inspired to live hungry!

It has been such a thrilling experience being part of a company that is constantly wanting to raise the bar and excel in everything it does. The LivingSocial engine is fueled by its employees who have such an incredibly infectious appetite for success.

I thoroughly look forward to coming in to the office every morning because I know that my entire day will be filled with exciting surprises and new opportunities. I can’t wait to see how much more I will have learned by the time I say goodbye to the company in August!

Eva Glas, Public Relations Intern at LivingSocial, Summer 2013