Juggling it all at NPR

BLee at NPRy Dean’s Intern Jacquie Lee at NPR

I love to be busy, and the great thing about working on the nprEd team is that I can juggle lots of projects at once–in effect, be busy all the time. Right now I’m working on stories that cover a wide range of topics. From social media use in classrooms, to sex education, to the way children are learning across the globe, this internship has allowed me to expand my horizons when it comes to choosing topics to write about. Part of my morning routine is to look at as many news sources as I can to see what today’s top stories are. While it’s a struggle to stare at a screen before that first cup of coffee in the morning, it’s now grown to be a great way to start my day.  And some of the smaller things I’ve learned while being here (like wearing earrings can be painful during a phone interview, or don’t use a pen when it’s really cold outside because the ink will freeze) have been just as helpful as the larger lessons. And that’s what interning while you’re in college is for, I think, because there’s nothing as effective as learning in the moment.