Nothing Sweeter than Freedom at the Newseum

Paige Rodgers at NewseumBy Dean’s Intern Paige Rodgers at the Newseum

I am thrilled to be the Production Assistant Intern at the Newseum this semester. My first month has been filled with a great deal of learning opportunities and wonderful experiences. My position offers me a variety of editing options and a behind the scenes glimpse into the professional world of video production, which I’m passionate about.

I am so impressed with the people I work with and work for at the Newseum. There is always something exciting and newsworthy going. From day one, I’ve been encouraged to join in on the action. At the moment, I’m helping to uncover and collect new video content for some of the various upcoming exhibits. Currently my focus is on multiple Five Freedom videos for this year’s Museum Week that will help champion the five freedoms of the First Amendment.

Rodgers at Newseum 3.pngAt the Newseum, I am very happy that one of my responsibilities is to create Humor in the News videos for the “Internet TV and Radio” exhibit. This exhibit is located on the museum’s third floor and is shown on the screen behind the massive “Internet TV and Radio” sign. Creating videos here has been so terrific because I’m always being encouraged to apply my knowledge of editing software and put my own editing style into each of them. Recently, a volunteer, who has been volunteering since the Newseum opened in 2008, actually sought me out to tell me how much she enjoys the new editing style in my videos.

I am incredibly grateful to work with such supportive and talented professionals. I consider myself quite fortunatRodgersatNewseum6e to have so many creative opportunities here at the Newseum. I am proud of my contributions and look forward to further growth in my field and will continue to take full advantage of each day and the unique opportunities interning at the Newseum offers me.

(I also love to bake, so I brought in some homemade cookies for everyone in the office on my first day. They were such a huge hit that they posted a picture of them on the Newseum’s Instagram. )