Champion of the Five Freedoms

Fall at NewseumBy Dean’s Intern Benjamin Fall at the Newseum

Interning at the Newseum has been a phenomenal experience. As the production assistant intern I hit the ground running and got to work immediately. I have the opportunity to work with great people on some really exciting projects.

I started off by working on promotional videos for various exhibits around the Newseum. One of my videos was displayed on YouTube while another has been playing on the giant atrium screen that all visitors see when they first enter the building.

I’ve also had the chance to assist on multiple video shoots, including an interview with Senator John McCain and a video program with the Newseum’s Religious Freedom Center.

Almost every day I have the opportunity to do what I love—edit. I am constantly editing various videos for different exhibits, from ‘Reporting Vietnam’ to ‘Louder Than Words,’ the upcoming Rock & Roll Hall of Fame exhibit.

My internship has been going great so far and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead!