Forging New Experiences at Bloomberg/BNA

NehaBhuraatBloombergBNA- Dean’s Intern Neha Bhura at Bloomberg/BNA

This internship makes me forget about all of the past experiences I’ve had, simply because it has been so rewarding. From orientation to 2 full days of HTML training to breakfast and luncheons with Executives to a scavenger hunt in Georgetown and volunteering to pack food for the food pantry in Arlington, I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Since the first day of my internship, I can attest that I have developed stronger communicative skills, time management and have grasped an understanding of a fast-paced environment. In Corporate Marketing, I am constantly fulfilling requests from various divisions. I have worked on different material and interacted with people all over the organization on a daily basis. While the job is a 9-5 workday, it is more than just that.

At a company like BBNA, I am constantly interacting with people and have never experienced a 9-5 sit down all-day at your desk kind of day. Whether it is going down to the pantry (have I mentioned unlimited snacks and free coffee?) or going to an internship event, I am constantly in contact with my peers. The camaraderie within this company consists of an open environment where I can freely interact with everyone within this prestigious organization.

At this internship, I feel welcomed, appreciated and most of all given an opportunity to excel and further develop my skills. One of my favorite assignments is working on the newsletter, which is sent out weekly to the subscribers of Bloomberg BNA – for the newsletter I gather various ongoing events and up-to-date news within the organization. The best feeling is sending a document to my supervisor and receiving the email response “No edits needed. Approved :)”