On the Right Track at NBC4-Washington

Ellie Hartleb - NBC4By Dean’s Intern Ellie Hartleb at NBC4-Washington

My experience at NBC Washington has solidified that I am definitely pursuing the right career for myself. Every day is packed with stories to write, videos to cut and plenty of people to talk to. The newsroom is just as bustling as you may imagine, and despite the constant high level of energy, every single person is so welcoming, kind and helpful. I am one of three interns on the digital team, but we are never treated as “just the interns.” We are integral parts of our department, and are consistently getting feedback on how to be better reporters, interns and people.

My bosses at NBC are committed to help me reach my goals, and are always interested to hear my ideas. I have been up at 4 a.m. twice in the past month to cover Metro SafeTrack projects, and I’ll soon spend a day out of the office to spend a day in the life of a dog. I have a few of my own story ideas I’m working on in the meantime, and I feel extremely prepared to write and report them with the help of a great team of editors. I came into this internship with plenty of writing experience, and I know I will leave not only with a multitude of bylines but also with a better understanding of what it takes to be a local reporter in D.C.