Reporting on How Learning Happens at NPR

Kendra2By Dean’s Intern Kendra Yoshinaga at NPR

They say internships are what you make of them, and an internship at NPR’s Education Desk is no exception. In my time here, I’ve learned that the education beat covers much more than what happens in the classroom: ultimately, it’s about the experiences that shape the people we become. And I’ve had the freedom to chase stories I’m curious and passionate about—from the surprising ways that teachers can encourage cross-racial friendships to how memorial museums help kids make sense of tragic parts of history.

I can’t overstate how cool it is to listen to NPR while cooking dinner and hear tape I cut, or a piece I helped edit. This is the last of my 10 weeks at NPR– I’ll be leaving with a body of work I’m proud of and connections to many wonderful people. In a summer full of tough news, it’s been inspiring to work and learn alongside people who are constantly striving to make journalism that’s not only accessible, but honest and incisive.

To learn more about the NPR interns’ work, check out the exit interviews at the NPR Interns blog. I’ll close with some advice for future interns: Don’t be afraid to pitch. Collaborate on projects with other interns and make awesome things together. Try to make time for self-care. And resist the urge to play Pokemon Go at your desk.