Digital Exclusives at ABC7

MeganYoderPicBy Dean’s Intern Megan Yoder at ABC7

In my role as a web team intern at ABC7, I’ve been spending a lot of time covering protests. It’s certainly an interesting time to be a journalist (or a journalist-in-training) right now. One thing that has been really exciting about my position is the freedom I have to enterprise my own stories.

While the purpose of the web team, at most TV stations, is to promote the work on the on-air talent, I have been really excited to see the field evolving. Now, many stations are allowing digital content producers the room to produce their own original work and even go out and cover news events for digital exclusive stories.

At ABC7, after expressing my desire to get more professional reporting experience, my supervisor gave me the go-ahead to scout out stories to cover on my own. Right now, in D.C., that often means covering protests. It’s been really exciting to attend rallies and report live for social media and web stories. I love the opportunity to utilize my multimedia talents while still interviewing people and connecting with them in real life.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to be expanding my professional portfolio through reporting in the field!

Here’s an example of one of my articles: