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DanielBarnesBlogPhotoBy Dean’s Intern Daniel Barnes at NBC4

Keeping up with the daily news of D.C. can be daunting for a television station, even more so for its website.

As an intern for NBC Washington’s digital team, I’m responsible for helping with all sorts of content that appears on our website and app. Sometimes I’m writing stories for the website based off TV stories that have already been done and sometimes I’m writing digital only stories. Sometimes I’m pitching stories I want to write and sometimes I’m getting assignments. Sometimes I’m cutting videos from the broadcasts and posting them on our website and sometimes I’m posting AP stories that I find on the wire. Whatever I’m doing on any given day, I know it will be challenging work that makes me utilize every skill I’ve learned in school.Even through the variety of tasks required by my internship keeps me busy, I’m truly grateful for the experience. Knowing how to perform almost all the tasks required to keep up a daily news website will be invaluable when looking for a job and I much prefer this to an internship that leaves me with hours of free time every day. One thing is sure, I’m never bored when I’m here.