There is No Expiration for Hard Work

By Dean’s Intern Griffin Rowell at

Recently, I wrapped up a story where I profiled a 74-year-old journalism intern at a Florida public radio station. The man has a stellar resume, which includes multiple Emmy and Peabody awards, time spent as a combat correspondent covering the Vietnam war, as well as a litany of books across several genres. Speaking to someone with such a passion for storytelling and journalism, a strong lust for life, and a serious sense of humor, was really inspiring to me, as well as our readers, some of which have reached out  in order to thank me for telling the man’s story. It gave me great joy to detail the life of such a positive creative force to readers, especially now at a time where it feels like all the news is bad. Doing this story reminded me that there is not an expiration date for hard work, and that it is important to engage the millions of senior citizens who just need a little help to get back into the profession they love, or to join a new one entirely. Going forward in my time in the communications field, I want to continue to shed light on stories that have a real potential to inspire others, and put our own lives into perspective.