Venturing Outside My Knowledge Base at Bloomberg BNA

By Dean’s Intern Shira Stein at Bloomberg BNA

When I was told I would be covering banking, securities regulations, corporate governance and antitrust if I accepted the position at Bloomberg BNA, I thought they must be nuts. I had no clue what securities regulations was, and the only reason I had heard of antitrust was because of my US history classes. I thought they had made a mistake, but I was wrong.

Over the last two months, I’ve had the opportunity to learn so much about everything from Dodd-Frank to what the SEC is (a federal agency that regulates tradable financial assets). I’ve covered complex congressional hearings on market structure, and I’ve written stories about blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin.

I even had a story featured on TOP on the Bloomberg Terminal, a first for a Bloomberg BNA intern!

It’s been especially great to do all the activities that Bloomberg BNA puts on for the interns. We’ve met people at all levels of the company (including the CEO), bagged apples for a non-profit organization, gone on a scavenger hunt through the Smithsonians, and more.

I’ve loved my time at Bloomberg BNA, and I’m really sad that I’ll have to leave my amazing colleagues and fellow interns in two weeks.