Pushing Myself Creatively In My Work Beyond The Classroom

By Dean’s Intern Abi Weaver at Interface Media Group

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while interning at Interface Media Group (IMG) so far, it’s how much I still have to learn.

I’ve spent the majority of my time at IMG in the Graphics department, learning new animation and design techniques through observation and hands-on experience. The Graphics department handles everything from character design and motion graphics to visual effects and virtual reality development, and I have been able to contribute to several ongoing projects at the organization this summer. Though I have a basic understanding of motion graphics and animation, acting as a designer and operator alongside editors and animators who have been doing this for longer than I’ve been alive has been an incredible experience for me to learn about all that I have yet to discover in this field.

Coincidentally, this summer is IMG’s 40th Anniversary, and my biggest project has been creating an animation to celebrate the milestone. After discussing the concept for the animation—IMG through the decades—with the Senior Creative Director, I was off and running to make this series of images and ideas a cohesive motion graphic. I have truly appreciated the combination of creative freedom and technical support I’ve been afforded in completing the project, which has enhanced and challenged my skills as a designer and animator.

Being a Dean’s Intern at IMG this summer has allowed me to and it has given me a glimpse into one possibility for a future career that would combine my film and design major and minor.