Working Hard for The Newseum’s “First Five”

By Dean’s Intern Taylor Moore at the Newseum

I got incredibly lucky with my position at the Newseum. Lata Nott is a brilliant lawyer who currently serves as the Executive Director for the Newseum’s First Amendment Center. After hearing her speak to my graduate program, I was immediately drawn to the work of the program and wanted to get involved.

I was assigned to be the media assistant for the center, with my work focusing on production for and research for the podcast, “The First Five.” I recently wrapped up my first big assignment working on an episode covering the current state of the media in Turkey. The president of Turkey is very anti-journalism and we hosted two media experts to cover issues surrounding the more than 150 journalists being held in the country and the 2,500 that have lost their job.

I was given a lot more authority over the episode than I anticipated and it was an incredible experience. I got to edit and rearrange the original interview as well as research for potential additional audio clips that could be added. I was also responsible for writing the show notes for the episode that would come before the podcast on the website.

My next assignment is the pre-production for an interview with Politico’s editor, Carrie Budoff Brown and to script some ideas for a “stand alone” episode of Lata discussing current events/issues. This experience has been amazing so far and I can’t wait to see what else is to come.