Innovation Opportunities at CQ Roll Call

By Dean’s Intern Emily Simonsen at CQ Roll Call

After my successful tenure with CQ last semester, I returned, reprising my role as a Product Innovation Intern. The position requires a keen ability to discern trends, compile information, create market analysis reports and pitch innovative ideas to Eric Hammesfahr, VP of Professional Services at CQ Roll Call.   Additionally, I create and design event programs and collaborate with other departments to foster new ideas.

This semester my responsibilities have expanded. I lead an intern team and delegate project tasks. I’ve also taken the initiative to provide clear concise feedback and encourage leadership development. The intern team has researched and organized customer opportunities, drafted deliverables for outreach and assisted with event management through ad-hoc initiatives.

However, my favorite part of the CQ internship is the mentorship. As a senior, I’ve met accomplished individuals from different backgrounds. Each person I’ve talked with offers strategic input that guide my professional growth.

As CQ and the Dean’s Internship Program continue their partnership into the future, I have no doubts that students will continue to learn and grow through the experience.