A Place Full of Opportunity

By Dean’s Intern Casey Wexler at NBC News

CaseyPixA day at NBC News channel is fast-paced, unpredictable and incredibly rewarding. News Channel is responsible for creating content for NBC local affiliates across the country. The small team of producers, editors and correspondents work hand-in-hand to create pieces at a breakneck pace. Sometimes releasing or updating packages every hour to make sure all local stations are up to date on the latest bit of breaking news. As an intern, I have been responsible for logging sound bites and gathering elements for these pieces. But sometimes, when the pace of news slows a bit, I get the opportunity to create something myself. I’ve been able to write and shoot multiple stand ups in front of NBC cameras for my personal reel. But the most exciting opportunity for me is when I actually get to produce content for News Channel’s hundreds of clients.

I have produced two VO/SOTs or voice over/sound on tape pieces for NBC News Channel so far. These are short scripts for the anchor to read while b-roll footage plays (the VO) paired with clips from a major event or interview to show the audience a bit of what the anchor is talking about (the SOT). I start by pulling newsworthy sound bites out of Senate hearings. I write a script to lead into those bites before asking an editor to help me put it all together. The final product goes out to clients with my name on it as a producer.

Its an amazing feeling to know that things that I helped create and have my name on it may be viewed by thousands of people. News Channel has given me the opportunity to begin to live my dream of being a broadcast news producer and I could not be more grateful.