Hard-hitting Documentaries at Voice of America

Kelsey Paul at VOABy Dean’s Intern Kelsey Paul at Voice of America

I am a senior and have a major in broadcast journalism and a minor in literature with a concentration in cinema studies. I am completing my dean’s internship as a production assistant at Voice of America. This is my second internship at VOA. I interned at VOA once before in the media lab, creating breaking news video pieces. At my current internship, I work alongside the senior executive producer in the central news division to create hard-hitting documentaries. The most recent mini-documentary series I helped with is entitled, “After Parkland.” The three-part series explores the aftermath of a high school shooting in south Florida. The first two pieces focus on the victims’ families after the tragedy. The third piece looks at Virginia’s fifth district and how guns is causing a divide in that district and across America.

I work to log video, transcribe interviews, conduct investigative research and help along with the post-production process. I enjoy finding a good story, conducting the right amount of research and making it presentable for VOA viewers. I have gained invaluable experience working beside professional reporters, editors and video producers. I have had the opportunity to go out on shoots and interview people. I also have learned a great deal about the editing process by shadowing a professional editor, sitting in on managerial meetings and adding my own thoughts to make changes on a story. I am looking forward to one day working full-time at VOA or at another broadcast news organization.