Combining Two Passions at the Smithsonian

By Dean’s Intern Grace Goulding at the Smithsonian Office of International Relations

Grace Goulding This semester, I have had the pleasure of interning at the Smithsonian Office of International Relations. This internship is a perfect combination of my two passions – communications and international studies.

I start each day on the National Mall, where after taking my daily photo of the Washington Monument, I descend a Hogwarts-like winding staircase down to the basement of the Smithsonian Institution, under the Smithsonian Castle.

On the job, I support OIR in its day-to-day communications work, including projects such as assisting with general communications strategy, analytics, global Web content updates and social media activities. Working in this office has opened my eyes to the global scope of the Smithsonian Institution, and furthered my passion for international projects and development.

Some of the highlights of this internship have been eating lunch in the gardens, exploring the depths of the Smithsonian, attending Smithsonian events across a variety of museums and research units, and working in an office with such inspiring globally-minded individuals. I am extremely grateful for this internship opportunity and I’m eager to use the skills and insights that I gained at the Smithsonian in the future!