The Corporate Side of NPR

By Dean’s Intern Britt Jacovich at NPR

Britt JacovichOn my first day working at NPR, I, along with nearly 80 other star-struck and eager interns, watched Lizzo perform at the Tiny Desk. Typing that sentence felt surreal. Our first day was surreal. This entire internship was surreal. I will never have another first day that tops Lizzo, but, more than that, I am not going to have another internship that tops NPR either. This experience, from pitching out our podcast series Life Kit to reporters, to providing tours to excited public radio fans, has helped me grow both personally and professionally.

As the Corporate Communications & Media Relations Intern, I connect both internally with the rest of the organization and externally to the press and NPR listeners. This unique opportunity allows me to explore firsthand the different messaging strategies and tactics I have spent the past three years learning in the classroom. Witnessing our studies come to life in the workplace is rewarding in itself, but, for me, nothing beats seeing the excitement in the eyes of NPR super fans when I show them the inside of our studio for the first time. Or, when a lifelong Tiny Desk Concert fan sees, with their own eyes, the souvenirs behind the desk they have watched on their computer screens since 2008. Dog looking out windowThese little moments mean the world to these tour guests, who have traveled from across the country to visit our headquarters. Some listeners have spent their mornings and afternoons with us since they were children and now convince their own kids to carry on the tradition. It is always a pleasure and an honor to meet them – especially when there’s a dog involved.

Professionally, I have learned so much about the industry, but as I move onto other experiences, I will remember the collaborative and innovative work environment the most. My supervisors and the rest of the department are the most supportive yet challenging group I have ever worked with. They made sure, every day, that I had the tools I needed to help them and myself succeed. As I approach my last day, I know two things: I am so grateful for this opportunity and if you see me on my commute, I can guarantee that Lizzo will be blasting in my ears.