Broadcasting a Commercial Shuttle Launch

By Dean’s Intern Brad De Ramon at Interface Media Group

BraddeRamonAt Interface Media Group, I serve as a member of the Marketing team. My day-to-day consists of managing the company’s social media channels, writing case studies about past client projects to use as future pitching material, and assisting in the creation of the company’s other marketing documents.

On Wednesday, October 9, my day was a little different. I came in three and a half hours early, and I was focused on one thing: watching a live broadcast of a commercial shuttle launch. One of IMG’s clients, International Launch Services, was broadcasting a commercial shuttle launch for the first time in almost two years, and I volunteered to attend capture content for our company’s social media.

I was up and out of the house before sunrise, and I arrived at the studio just in time to watch the broadcast and launch. It was my first live broadcast, and as a Public Relations major, I appreciated the opportunity to see a project we’ve been promoting come to fruition. After the end of the broadcast, I got to work early and had a rather productive day before most of my coworkers had even arrived.

Though I may not have had an active role in the execution of the broadcast, the experience helped me contextualize what we do for our clients. I always value opportunities at IMG to shadow others or sit in on studio shoots because it helps me understand the best ways to promote our work.