Life long goals coming true at PBS

By Dean’s Intern Pedraam Faridjoo at PBS

Pedraam FaridjooIt’s rare enough to find an internship that is relevant to your major and interests, but it’s even
rarer to intern somewhere that you have been a fan of since you were a toddler!

This has been my experience at PBS, where I worked as a media production intern at over the
summer. My days were spent working on internal packages that showcased life at PBS, such as
a video highlighting “Bring Your Child to Work Day” that was shown at a company-wide meeting
and a more practical package of the company’s move to a new building to be shown at

When not shooting or editing, I had the privilege of spending time with and shadowing
employees at all levels of the production process, from editing to quality control to children’s
programming. It was here that I gained invaluable insight into the process of how a show

evolves from a simple pitch to being broadcast on TVs around the country. Learning about the
intricacies at every step of the process gave me a profound appreciation for the work behind
every show or documentary, and made me more excited than ever to join the world of film and

It was absolutely amazing to hear from professionals currently working in the field, as well as
hearing about more things than I expected, like movie poster collections and the stories behind
some of my favorite childhood cartoons.

Interning at PBS was my first true experience working in the entertainment industry, and I
couldn’t have asked for a better introduction into the world I plan on entering after graduation.