NBC’s Meet the Press One Day at a Time

By Dean’s Intern Hannah Rabinowitz at NBC’s Meet the Press

Hannah RabinowitzYou never quite know what the day will bring at NBC’s Meet the Press. Meet the Press, which is the longest running program in television history, hosts U.S. and world leaders every week to discuss the news. You never know who you’re going to meet — particularly during an election cycle and a presidential impeachment.

During the week, I participate in staff meetings to discuss and plan out the show every Sunday. I help to cut and transcribe news clips that could potentially go to air, as well as source images and data for graphics. Once guests are booked (this past week we had presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and Amy Klobuchar), I work to compile every public statement and interview they have given in the past few months, highlighting what’s particularly interesting or of relevance. I do the same with every print article by and about that guest, every tweet they have posted, and essentially anything in print about that guest. I then use the print and transcript research to write questions and propose graphics for the show. I also assist in the control room for Meet the Press Daily during the week.

Bright and early on Sundays, I get in and help put together any last minute research or transcription that may be required. After sitting in for lighting checks on set, I rotate between running social media posts during the show, checking graphics, greeting and shuttling guests and audience members, cutting and verbating live interviews for advertising, and working in the control room. After the show airs, I help with cutting and posting the Chuck Toddcast, scheduling and reposting social media posts, and editing transcriptions of the show.

Meet the Press offers you endless opportunities to develop your own reporting and production skills as an integral part of the team. And bagels on Sunday mornings are the cherry on top!