Transitioning to Covering Public Media

By Dean’s Intern Spencer Nusbaum at Current

Spencer NusbaumMy time with Current has been a masterclass in professional, on-the-clock reporting. Before starting at Current, I spent most of my time editing, pitching, and filing sports stories for The Eagle and High Post Hoops. I’ve been surprised by how seamless the transition was to covering public media. I’ve always found interest in the stories about people within the sports world. So my passion, learning and listening to people, hasn’t changed. The people have changed.

I’ve spoken to some amazing reporters and producers at ‘Black in Appalachia’ and the ‘Every 30 Seconds’ project. I’ve got a project cooking now that involves lots of Excel work, and don’t want to give too much away on its contents. But working with data is something I’ve always loved doing, and Current has given me the guidance and support to work through a variety of projects and pitches.

If anything, interning at Current has taught me how to look for every hole in a story. Let me tell you — if there is a fragment of a fact, an unanswered question, or an unnecessary sentence in my drafts — these editors will catch it. It’s made me a better interviewer, a better writer, and a better editor. Public media is one of the most important institutions in our country, and the Current works incredibly hard to make sure we are telling its stories, informing its employees, and holding it accountable when necessary. I’m happy to be part of the team.