Diving into the Comms World at New Paradigm Agency

By Dean’s Intern Emily Arndt at New Paradigm Agency

Emily ArndtThough I’m not new to the professional world, I am new to the comms world as I transition my career to communications! I’m lucky to have gotten my feet wet at New Paradigm Agency, a full-service and data-driven communications, strategic planning and research firm, as a communications intern.  NP works with a variety of clients working on progressive issues such as immigration, progressive campaigns, and education.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of those issues and it feels great to work on causes I care deeply about alongside game-changing community partners. I’ve had the opportunity to produce a variety of communications outputs for clients, from social media content to funder updates to reporter lists. An added bonus of working with a diverse set of clients and issues is becoming a more well-rounded professional as I gain more knowledge about subjects I hadn’t previously been exposed to.

It’s also been exciting to work on issues with clients as they become more salient in the news cycle. There are exciting days at NP where an issue we’ve been working on has suddenly gained more traction and we can see real results of our work in real time. Every day at NP is different and every day presents new learning opportunities. I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow as a burgeoning comms professional at a firm that is contributing to America’s most pressing issues.