Supporting Journalism at the National Press Foundation

By Dean’s Intern Daniella Ignacio at the National Press Foundation

December 2019

Daniella IgnacioNPF is an organization that offers training programs and awards for professional journalists across the U.S. and internationally. Every day is always so different and I’m grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had to learn and grow this semester. From honing my skills in Photoshop and InDesign while designing final reports about NPF programs, to using social media to promote the organization, there are so many skills I’m learning here that apply to journalism.

My favorite days are program days, which are always so fascinating because I have the opportunity to learn about all the different topics that the programs focus on, promote them on social media and meet cool journalists and speakers. I consider it the equivalent of taking several media studies classes while interning. Topics covered during sessions I’ve observed include covering impeachment, local and federal reporting, FOIA and reporting on the courts.

The day I wrote this blog, NPF had its Spotlight on Statehouse and Local Reporting training. I wrote a story on a session about covering local issues in public health. Right after that session, I traveled with the fellows and NPF staff to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, where we learned from economists about how to use BLS data – which was an incredible experience to have the day before my Quantitative Methods for Journalists final! I’ll be continuing my internship into next semester and am excited to continue working with this incredible organization.