Promoting the News at MSNBC

By Dean’s Intern Schanelle Marie Saldanha at MSNBC

Schanelle on computer

Over the past semester, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to serve as a Media Relations Intern with MSNBC. Getting the chance to work with one of the country’s largest news and media organizations has been nothing short of a

n enriching experience.

As a media relations intern, I work with the MSNBC PR team, which essentially helps promote the news. My day typically begins by monitoring any media hits about the network, talent, and shows to send to the PR team. Because the news industry is so unpredictable and fast-paced, the rest of my day varies drastically. At any given hour, I can be found transcribing press events, building reporter lists, sending out pitches, drafting press releases, and helping the team in whatever way I can. More recently, I’ve gotten the chance to do some preparation press work for the upcoming coverage of the Virginia and New Jersey Gubernatorial Elections, including compiling candidate research and previous media coverage from competing networks. Being able to learn the intricacies of news promotion in real-time has been incredibly insightful.

Overall, I’m so grateful for the chance to be interning with MSNBC. Working with such a collaborative and experienced team has allowed me to delve further into my passion for public communications, research, and the news. As a senior getting ready to wrap up my time in SOC, I couldn’t think of a more immersive opportunity in the field of news and media.