First Row Seat in Fast-Paced News

By Dean’s Intern Adriana Dora at Fox News Media

Adriana DoriaMy time at FOX News Media, specifically with “Special Report with Bret Baier,” has been such an incredible experience!  As a College Associate for “Special Report,” I have been able to participate, first-hand, in the fast-paced news environment, while at the Washington DC Bureau.  I have been mentored and trained by current media professionals and also, had the chance to work on Election Day.  Each day starts with a team meeting wherein we discuss the news of the day and the rundown for the daily show.  I then take the daily stories for two specific segments, read and unpack them, and begin looking for voiceover (“VO”) footage.   From there, I take the footage and find the necessary elements to edit it to correspond with the script.  In addition to VO footage, I also create multiple digital elements, like chyrons and locators that are aired on live television based on the story. These responsibilities and more have challenged me to personalize content based on the current news headlines and to provide unique perspectives for further exploration.  The skills I have gained throughout this associate program have transferred seamlessly to scriptwriting, research, and understanding of broadcast media.   In addition to these skills, I have developed professionally by participating in daily pitch meetings with the production staff.

While my time at this program is nearing its completion, I look forward to continuing learning more skills about the news industry.  I am honored to have been part of the College Associate Program for FOX News Media for a second semester.  It has further solidified my future career plans of becoming a national news broadcast journalist.