Entering New Territory at a Trade Publication 

Credit: Andrew Lapin

Christyn at her desk at Current (Credit: Andrew Lapin)

Dean’s Intern Christyn Enser at Current

This semester at Current marks my fifth and final internship as an SOC student. It is the last in a series of opportunities that I’ve had while attending AU, with a slew of news organizations to choose from in the DC metro area. This internship has continued a trend of (purposefully) different newsroom experiences. I never wanted to do the same thing twice and, luckily, I never had to. I’ve worked for daily and weekly newspapers, an online publication and a museum. But Current is still different: it is a bi-weekly trade publication published in print and online that covers public media.

Specificity in coverage doesn’t make the paper’s content less complex. When I arrived at the office in January, I hadn’t actively tuned into public media since I was a kid, when I watched PBS classics from the 1990s, like Wishbone and Arthur. It had “been awhile,” to say the least. But being an intern at Current helped me remember how important public broadcasting had been throughout my childhood and realize how important it remains today. (More …)