On the Go at Interface Media Group

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Sound mix for PBS nature programming sizzle reel with Dennis Jacobsen, Emmy Award-winning Director of Audio for IMG

By Dean’s Intern Matt Cipollone at Interface Media Group and Scripps Howard Foundation Grantee

My experience so far at Interface Media Group has been great. During my first week, I sat in on edit sessions and sound mixes with Emmy Award-winning producers, editors, and sound designers, I helped build a set that was used for a live broadcast of a satellite launch, attended client meetings, shadowed the graphics team, and experienced my first virtual reality video session.

Since then I have also participated in marketing and sales meetings, assisted with Quality Assurance sessions for a TV series, sat in the control room for a live TV broadcast, and I have already started producing and editing videos highlighting IMG’s work with key clients and major projects.

Producing these ‘case study’ videos will be my primary responsibility this summer. My daily process involves a full range of production activities such as interviewing IMG staff, coordinating interview shoots and voiceover sessions, editing footage, working with audio engineers and the graphics team, and scheduling final post-production resources.

I’m very thankful that I’ve been given such hands-on responsibilities and that I’ll be working with such talented professionals this summer. Although I have only been here for two weeks, the things I have already learned will be invaluable to my professional development and I look forward to everything else I will gain during my Dean’s Internship experience at Interface Media Group.