The University of Discovery Communications

AlexandraFrancavillaatDiscoveryBy Dean’s Intern Alexandra Francavilla at Discovery Communications

“It’s like a University,” my boss keeps saying as she tours my fellow interns and I around – and she is right. The energy here in Silver Spring, MD feels much like a college campus. From the onsite doctor’s office to the cafeteria (full Starbucks menu included!)

What’s truly great is how much Discovery wants you to…well, discover. My boss always invites me to sit in on meetings, encourages me to offer ideas, and to ask peers to coffee so that I am constantly getting the most out of my time. Discovery also offers a speakers’ series. They have higher-ups throughout the company speak to interns about their careers. This allows us to gain a full understanding of how the company operates, as well as an incredible opportunity to network.

On an individual scale, I am interning for the Research and Insights team. Here they conduct focus groups and send out surveys for all of Discovery Communications. They provide the networks and divisions with valuable insights about viewers in order to enhance content.

Currently, I’m creating something called a “capsule.” It’s a small infographic-filled booklet, so employees can get quick facts on a specific topic relevant to the industry. The topic I am researching now is “Millennial Money.” I’m investigating everything from spending patterns to debt to apps. Doing this research is already helping me to become a more efficient researcher and concise writer. I cannot wait to see the end result and what the rest of this summer brings!