Hitting the ground running at Current

AlyssaAndersonatCurrentBy Dean’s Intern Alyssa Anderson at Current

My internship at Current has been quite the learning experience so far! I am lucky to currently be a Current intern (ha puns!) because I am able to write articles every day and work with brilliant editors that have taken my writing to the next level. It is fun to see how a vague story idea at our morning meetings evolves into a full-length article in print.

One of the stories I chose to cover was about the fact that public radio stations have struggled to recruit for editor and news director positions. I spent over two weeks on this article conducting interviews and researching on the topic. By the time my editor published it on the site, I had my fill of that topic for a long time.

Fortunately, the hard work paid off. The article had the highest traffic of any article I’ve ever written for Current and was picked up by multiple newsletters in the public media world. Also, the senior VP of strategy at News Corporation tweeted a link to my article and he has over 36K followers. So for the smalltown girl from New Hampshire, it was pretty cool!

I have always been a fan of NPR and PBS so I have loved learning more about public media and writing about it with Current. Every day in the office brings new and interesting challenges and I Iook forward to the rest of my time here as an intern!