In the House with FLOTUS

By Deanmegankingatnewseum‘s Intern Megan King at the Newseum

October 11. I arrived to my internship at the Newseum as if it would be any ordinary day. I noticed some increased security at the door and wondered who was visiting. Amazing people pass through these doors regularly – Pulitzer prize winning photographers, journalists, CEOs and Washington politicians. After I had been wanded by a guy with a ear piece, I took straight to Twitter; who was the mystery visitor? The Newseum’s feed read, “Just a few min. until @FLOTUS and @glamourmag join us at the Newseum for an International Day of the Girl Skype discussion on education!” Yes, I was a mere wall away from the first lady of the United States. I then pulled up the live stream of the conversation. As I watched FLOTUS advocate for education for everyone (yeah, she was amazing) I added captions in After Effects to videos that will appear in a gallery that is opening later this year. Having the opportunity to be at the Newseum three days a week, working with talented and passionate people, has been a huge learning experience for me. From this internship I will take with me a better understanding of how web content is created and dispersed, what the workflow is like for creating videos that will go in an exhibit, and of course, the knowledge that for a few hours, FLOTUS and I were under the same roof.

Take a look at what I recently shot and edited: