Packing it all in at Bloomberg/BNA

maevebloombergBy Dean’s Intern Maeve Allsup at Bloomberg/BNA

It’s been a while since my last blog post, and due to the constantly changing nature of the internship, a lot has happened since then! I finished out the summer writing on the International Trade news desk, working on my first feature length article about the future of trade in the Arctic, and joining the press pool to cover the 2016 White House Summit on Global Development.

Since coming back to school in September I’ve been focusing primarily on election stories, and my schedule is a little different since I’m only in the office two days a week. While working on Labor and Employment I wrote a feature about campaign staffers, and shadowed another reporter to an event with a Clinton financial adviser. I’m now working on the Healthcare desk, writing about issues coming up in the presidential and congressional elections, and healthcare provisions preventing the passage of TPP. Because so many members of Congress are back in their home states campaigning for re-election it’s been a little difficult to reach people for comment and interviews, but fortunately my editors have found some good contacts who aren’t on recess.

Right after the election, I’ll spend a few days working on Bloomberg BNA’s post-election special issue. This isn’t really part of the internship, but my supervisors are wonderful, and really worked with me to make it happen!

In other exciting news, I’ve finally figured out how to use the espresso machine in the cafeteria and have nailed down the timing for when they bring out the candy/trail mix bar, so am now able to properly take advantage of one of BNA’s best features. However, while the pantry is great, one of my favorite weekly rituals is grabbing lunch on Crystal Drive with some fellow AU students who work in the marketing division!