Writing My Way to Success at NBC


By Dean’s Intern Megan Yoder at NBC4

I really couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to be honing my journalism skills than at my internship at NBC4. This is not a position where the interns bide their time making copies and getting coffee. Everyday, I am assigned exciting, fulfilling tasks. Most of the time, my assignments involve writing stories for NBCWashington.com or cutting segments of the daily news shows and posting the videos online.

One of the most valuable experiences so far at NBC4 for me has been the writing assignments. I’ve written plenty of stories from AP wires for SOC classes, and I’ve reported a number of stories for the Eagle, but writing for NBC is a step up. I’ve had to write crime stories from D.C. police press releases, call to clarify facts on complex stories, research local events, cover breaking stories from the AP and report on D.C. events via social media in the field.

I’ve been challenged in the best way possible to become knowledgeable about all types of newsworthy issues, hold myself to a high level of detail, constantly improve the clarity and concision on my writing and be open to criticism. I’ve been lucky to have supervisors and coworkers who constantly offer me constructive feedback on my workflow and writing.

It can be intimidating to have your work constantly evaluated by professionals, but I can’t think of a better way to learn. In the time I’ve been at NBC, I already feel leaps and bounds more comfortable in my ability to take facts and turn them into a clear, factual story. Plus, getting bylines on a professional news website is invaluable portfolio material. That is the type of experience you just can’t get in class.

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