Shining under the Vox Media Umbrella

rkayeenatvoxBy Dean’s Intern Kayeen Thomas at Vox

Working at Vox for the fall semester has been great!  As someone who followed and read articles posted by the reporters, I was very excited to have the opportunity to work within the offices.  I’ve interacted with VPs of the different brands that are under the Vox Media umbrella, and have helped with strategic planning around a major move that the company is making.  It has really been an amazing experience!

 One specific task that will stick with me was helping to develop new copy for the Vox Media diversity and inclusion page.  On my second day interning, I participated in a meeting where the diversity and inclusion page was brought up.  I volunteered my opinion of it needing a brief video component, and my VP liked the idea.  She teamed me up with one of the New York employees, and together we both wrote new content for the webpage and developed a script for the production team so they could begin work on the video.  It feels great being able to look at the Diversity and Inclusion page and feel like I contributed to the company.  I’m sure when the video component goes live, I’ll be even more excited!

 Again, working with the People and Culture Team here at Vox Media has been a wonderful experience.  I’m extremely grateful to the Dean’s Internship team and to Vox Media for giving me this opportunity.