It’s YES at Studio Gannett

AntoinettePhotoBy Dean’s Intern Antoinette d’Addario at Studio Gannett

As the Editorial Intern for Studio Gannett, I’m responsible for creating the second page of a weekly insert we produce called Your Essential Shopper (YES). On this page, I list 15 products in various categories in a section called Great Finds. Putting this page together requires me to be in constant contact with public relations agents for new products and photos.

In addition to this weekly task, I help create and edit the weekly auto and job pages. I’m currently working on some assignments for the print magazines we put out. I’m creating a two-page spread of apps to feature in our Pet Guide magazine, another two-page piece on museums on the West Coast for our Go Escape: West Coast magazine and a timeline of the Army Corps of Engineers involvement with the Dakota Access Pipeline. These require me to do research on the topics and conduct interviews with qualified experts on the topics.

This internship has been a great opportunity for me and has allowed me to learn more about the inner workings of publishing magazines and weekly products. In addition to expanding my professional network and gaining essential journalism skills, I’ve made some valuable friends.

I look forward to working on more articles and features for the various magazines Studio Gannett publishes and continuing to produce top-quality work for them.