Life as a Production Intern

NicolettePhotoBy Dean’s Intern Nicolette Fudge at ABC7, WJLA-TV

Day to day at a television station is exciting and full of opportunities to learn. I am currently interning for Government Matters, a news talk show about the business of government. My experiences working with the producers for the show have been challenging yet rewarding.

When I arrive at the station, I create a document for the crew about the guests who will be on the show. There are usually 3 guests, all members of the federal community ranging from executives in the government to experts and reporters with first-hand knowledge about issues and initiatives of the federal community. Later, I greet the guests and guide them to our upstairs studio and where we start taping at 10 am. As I sit in the control room, I get to see the crew in action and have a little part in production by helping out with the social media tease that happens toward the end of the show.

After taping, I head to the editing suite. It’s an honor to be able to cut the show together and edit it to be aired on television and the web. When I’m finished with that, I sit down and schedule posts for the website (which features the full episodes and interview clips of the show). It’s amazing to see my work up on our website ( and I look forward to doing more producing work on the show throughout the rest of my internship experience.

Every day working on Government Matters features a different task or new challenge to tackle but it’s an opportunity I am grateful to experience.