Putting My Classroom Skills to Work at VOA

By Dean’s Intern Emma Sarrantonio at Voice of America

There are so many great aspects to working at Voice of America that it’s hard to talk about a single experience. But if I had to pick one that really makes me glad to come in to work everyday, it’s getting to meet so many different people with their own unique craft. The majority of VOA’s workers are freelance artists which gives me the opportunity to meet and learn about each individual’s unique way of solving the same problem. Besides the freelancers I’ve also gotten to meet and become great friends with, I’ve met other workers in the many different departments here at VOA like the African News Division, Motion Graphics team and audio tech department.

Even though I spend most of my days either running around the building or fretting over the small details of this project. I enjoy it so much more than being in a classroom. It’s hard to describe the exultation you feel when you do a good job on an assignment but it’s without a doubt different than wrapping up class projects. What I’m most proud of so far about working for VOA is that I was able to see the skills I gain from school actually matter in the workforce. I’m constantly helping out with technical difficulties within Premiere and I even got to do some of the motion graphic in our documentary. It is an amazing feeling, knowing that my motion graphics skills and name will be featured at film festivals all over the world.