Learning the Ins and Outs at Interface Media Group

By Dean’s Intern Olivia Glod at Interface Media Group

My first few weeks at Interface Media Group allowed me to dive into a whole new set of skills and experiences.

To start the internship, I was able to meet everyone within the office by shadowing them in all of their different departments. Starting with animation, I was able to create the building blocks of a short project featuring motion graphics by creating the design on Adobe After Effects. Moving forward, I was able to sit in on a few editing sessions to watch promotions be built on Final Cut Pro for feature PBS programs. The next step was to see how crucial audio is for every project and listen to all of the different elements. Some projects held up to thirty layers for a single thirty second clip.

After spending time with the creative side of IMG, I was able to see how the organization runs its operations. What makes IMG such a special production company is their ability to be completely hands on or hands off according to their clients requests. I was able to see this throughout my time in sales and production meetings where project managers and producers were able to discuss which departments needed to be on board with certain projects. The entire goal for each project is to keep the client happy, which is exceptionally done with experts in each department.

Moving forward, I’ll be able to assist on shoots within the studios and centralize my focus in one of the departments. The learning process has only just begun.