#Working4You at NBC Washington

By Dean’s Intern Emma Galasso at NBC4 Washington

Every day when I come into the office, there’s something different. I remember my first day of work where I attended the daily 9AM news meeting. I then sat in the control room for the 4PM broadcast and recall being so amazed by how fast the reporters turned packages around. Interning at this point in the semester is especially exciting because of the buzz around Super Bowl LII and the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. NBC4’s own Eun Yang is in South Korea for the duration of the Olympics and will be reporting for us at the games.

Being a part of the Consumer Team with Susan Hogan and our two content producers, Patti and Meredith, has been such a blast. I’m responsible for following up on NBC4 Responds complaints from consumers and researching potential stories. Just last week, the Responds unit surpassed $20 million returned to consumers! My first story that I focused on was about using activated charcoal to whiten teeth, which premiered right after the Super Bowl!

I’m still getting adjusted in writing scripts and producing content. It’s all about initiative here. I’ve  challenged myself to meet a new person every day, and if there’s a story in the morning meeting that I’m interested in, ask to go out on it. I also love to pop into the control room during broadcasts–I want to go into direction and production, so seeing the producers work their magic is thrilling!

Dedicating three days a week to this organization has been an honor and an outstanding learning experience. Everyone is incredibly friendly, dedicated to their craft, and willing to teach me the ropes. NBC is truly one big family. Your hard work will not go unnoticed and there is always a familiar face to talk to.