Once in a Lifetime Experiences at IMG

By Dean’s Intern Jamie Young at Interface Media Group

My time at Interface Media Group has been great so far! I have been shadowing employees in different departments, learning about all of the different aspects of media production and post-production. So far, I have shadowed the graphics department, the audio department, and the Assistant Editors. I have helped with two video shoots, both of which were very exciting! One of the shoots was with one of the producers of an upcoming big-budget feature film and the other was with a US Senator! My internship has started off really well and I have already had once-in-a-lifetime experiences at IMG within only five days of experience there!

I enjoy hearing about the employee’s stories and watching the company’s amazing videos that include graphics, animation, intricate sound design, and creative editing. It’s very inspiring to see such a wide variety of projects such as PBS Kids promotional videos, National Geographic shows, virtual reality museum exhibits, and political spots. It has been a pleasure to watch creative people in their element, working passionately on their projects.

I also love the company environment. Because it is a small company, it is like a family. I feel so comfortable asking questions and talking to everyone in each department. Everyone is very willing to teach me whatever I want to know, which is really exciting! I am trying to soak up as much as I can and I can’t wait for the next few months at this awesome company!