Hustle and Bustle at NPR

By Dean’s Intern Erin Logan at NPR

Erin LoganAs the daughter of a teacher, I seriously doubted that I would ever cover education. When I got the chance to intern on the NPR Ed Desk, I was more interested in working for the company over covering the beat. That quickly changed within my first few days there. From the first day, I knew that I wanted to seriously consider covering the area after graduation.

I get to do a plethora of things as an Ed desk intern. I assist reporters on their stories, like this one which was written in the wake of the Parkland shooting. I also get to pitch, write and report stories like this one which was a peg for the March For Our Lives, the big anti-gun violence protest which occurred in D.C. in March.

One of the many free perks at NPR is the coffee in the cafe downstairs as well as all the free books publishers send the newsroom. As an intern, I get to attend NPR’s iconic Tiny Desk music session. (I got to meet SA!) The weekly concerts are a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the day.