New Challenges Every Day at USA TODAY

By Dean’s Intern Anna Lefkowitz at USA TODAY

Anna Lefkowitz I intern in the Social Media Visuals department at USA TODAY | Gannett. Basically, that means I make graphics for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook – and I also head the @USATODAYHealth Twitter account. (Follow me!) But the specifics of my work change daily.

For example, this past week I animated a promo video for a podcast. It was basic AfterEffects work – mostly just animated wavelengths and transcription and cutting external video – but I loved it. There’s no greater sense of pride than leaning back after a few hours, rubbing your eyes, and watching your finished product and knowing it’s the best it can be. It was the same sense of pride I got when I wrote, designed, and animated a full-length Olympics-themed Instagram story (and made my entire sorority watch it). And it’s the same sense of pride I get when I start conversations on Twitter.

I wanted to be a journalist because I knew I didn’t want to do the same thing every day. And at USA TODAY, every single day is unique – I’m always working on a new high-visibility project, whether it is for my social editor or the graphics editor or the podcast editor. Every day, I learn something new about the programs I use. Every day, I get to use my love of graphics and video to focus on something different, and that’s what makes my internship at USA TODAY so cool.