Learning About the Power of Storytelling at the Newseum

By Dean’s Intern Taylor Moore at the Newseum

Taylor MooreHaving a year long Dean’s Internship has certainly given me the opportunity to flourish during my grad program at American. The work I was doing for the Newseum in the First Amendment Center was primarily centered around pre and post production, but I was then able to take on my responsibility that gave me experience outside of the classroom that will definitely be essential as I prepare to enter the working world. I was able to write scripts for podcast episodes as well as pitch ideas of my own for topics, guests and ways to restructure the podcast itself to make it a better experience for the listener. The culmination of my internship experience and my work in the classroom has given me more guidance and direction on what I want to do after I graduate.

I now have a very holistic understanding of the power of storytelling through audio journalism and my interest for this work definitely derives from my Dean’s Internship. I now have confidence in my ideas and how I strategically communicate them because of my work with the Newseum and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how far the skills that I’ve developed through this internship will take me.