Working the beat at NPR

By Dean’s Intern Alexis Arnold at NPR

Alexis ArnoldAfter a few weeks at my internship on the NPR education desk, I’ve gotten a good feel for what it takes to work at a major news organization. The best part is the people I work with. Elissa Nadworthy and the rest of the Ed Desk team have been so helpful in teaching me everything from how to post stories to recoding tape. Even other desks in the office will let me sit in on their meetings and taping sessions. The other interns I work with are a lot of fun, as well. We have a great time both on and off the clock.

Between making phone interviews and running the NPR Ed Facebook page I still make time to attend the Tiny Desk Concerts. Every week the Music Desk brings in an artist in to record their performance and the whole office is invited to watch! I love getting to see some of my favorites and discovering awesome new artists too!

NPR Has been an awesome experience so far and I can’t wait to see what else I will learn. Meanwhile check out my very first byline! (Shared with the other education intern.)

Check out my first byline: