On Top of My Game at NBC Sports

By Dean’s Intern Scout Pruski at NBC Sports

Scout PruskiOn my fourth day at NBC Sports Washington this summer, I helped cover the Capitals’ first ever Stanley Cup victory parade. My supervisor, who knows I’m a huge Caps fan, told me I’d be credentialed for the event. After staying in the office until almost two in the morning the previous Thursday to do post-win coverage, I spent four hours in the sun getting familiar with hundreds of thousands of fans, a handful of pro hockey players, and one very shiny trophy. I had the immense privilege to work alongside some fantastic photographers from our outlet changing lenses, grabbing batteries, and running up and down Constitution Avenue.

I continue to be blown away by the passion and willingness to help that my coworkers have extended me, the respect for my identity, and the flexibility I’ve been given to cover events close to me like Pride through a sports-fan lens. I know it’s cool to humble brag about this internship, but I really can’t wrap my head around how surreal these first few weeks have been, and how grateful I am that the Dean’s Internship program took a chance on me despite my youth. Here’s to wherever else my summer takes me!

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