Covering the Colorado Wildfires at Durango Herald

By Dean’s Intern Maria Carrasco at The Durango Herald

Maria CarrascoThe past month working at the Durango Herald has been a learning and growing experience as a reporter. At the beginning of June, I was flown out to Durango, Colorado to meet the Herald team and see the city.

And during my visit, a wildfire broke out in Durango and I was put to work for the paper. In the Herald office I dry called local residents and talked to them about their experience with the fire as they were evacuating. Some said they were panicked and others were prepared. The next day, my story ran on the front page of the paper. Talking to the victims of a wildfire in real-time was intense and so important to cover.

When I came home from Durango I was even more determined to do great work for the Herald. Some of my work consisted of covering an environmental group from Colorado on their lobbying day on the Hill. Other work I did was covering the 2018 Farm Bill in the House and Senate. Right now, I’m working on a more in-depth story on immigration in southwest Colorado. While my time with Durango is half way done, I can’t wait to see what more I can cover during my time.