Expanding My Skills at NBC4

By Dean’s Intern Zach Vallese at NBC4

Zach ValleseWhen I started my internship at NBC4 Washington, I knew that it would be different than any of the other internships I have done in the past. In this internship, it was my first time working in a real newsroom with real journalists. I was really excited but also very nervous. I knew that the experiences I would be learning at NBC would be vital in my future career as a journalist. In the past, I had only worked doing multimedia journalism, creating videos and podcasts. In this experience, I would be focusing mostly on writing articles to be published on NBCWashington.com. I was really excited to have this opportunity so I could build upon my writing skills and become a better journalist.

Working at NBC4 has been an amazing experience. I love being in the newsroom with fellow journalists and being given interesting articles to write. I have had the ability to cover different things that happen around the District and I always think that it is really great seeing my name in the byline. I am looking forward to the rest of this semester where I will be going out through DC to cover different events and telling those stories which has always been my passion. I am really glad that this internship has helped me build upon my journalism skills and I’m eager to use the skills that I learned at NBC4 in the future.